Treatment Methodology

Treatment Methodology

Everstand’s Diverse Program Continuum is Supported by a Consistent Treatment Philosophy

Everstand’s treatment philosophy utilizes advancements in neuroscience that support treating complex trauma and toxic stress through a relationship-based approach.

This focus allows clients to heal from their past experience and develop new protective factors and transferable skills.

Our treatment model connects all service lines at Everstand. While each child’s needs are unique, what they unfortunately also share is often a history of complex trauma. That is where the evidence-based practices used at Everstand shine.  Evidence-based interventions provide proven outcomes.

During an episode of care movement within continuum is fluid and flexible in both duration and design.  Our partnerships with state and local entities, community connections, and our unique Mid-Atlantic footprint mean the Everstand can often keep a child more local to their family and other supports.

Introduction to Brain Science and Trauma Informed Care

Experiences early in life and at other sensitive periods of development change our brains in ways that make us more or less vulnerable to health problems across the lifespan. Science tells us that the experiences we have in the earliest years of our life actually change brain architecture in lasting ways.

*The research and information on this page are attributed to the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

To learn more please visit their website and watch their video on Brain Builders.

Learn more about Brain Science and 101 on Trauma-Informed Care from our President and CEO, Laurie Anne Spagnola, MSW

A Co-Occurring Program for Substance Use and Mental Health

The Seven Challenges

What is the Seven Challenges?

The Seven Challenges Program is a comprehensive counseling program designed for adolescents who engage in substance use, to motivate a decision and commitment to change.

It helps young people look at themselves, understand what it takes to give up a drug abusing lifestyle—and prepare for and attain success when they commit to making changes.

At the same time, treatment addresses symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger management, school problems, self-esteem and many more co-occurring issues.

In the Seven Challenges, we do not fit clients into the program; rather, we wrap the program around the concerns of the youth we serve.

*Strawbridge School is using the principles and framework of the Seven Challenges model for the Challenging Behaviors Group

Make an Admissions Referral

Our residential programs require a referral from a state or federal entity to begin the admissions process.  The referring party varies slightly depending on which state Everstand operates within. 

If you are a state or federal employee and wish to make a referral, please click here to access our referral directory. 

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Everstand programs are open to any individual or family regardless of their religious beliefs.