Become A Respite Care Parent

Become A Respite Care Parent

Why Should I Become a Respite Parent?

Are you interested in helping a child in need, but not sure you can devote yourself full-time to foster care parenting?  All families need breaks.  A Respite Parent provides periodic weekend or short-term care to foster youth being served full time by another Everstand TFC family.

What Types of Kids do Respite Parents Take Care Of?

  • Males and females between the ages of 0 and 21.
  • Respite parents typically take one youth at a time.

Requirements to be a Respite Parent

The certification requirements for Respite Parents follow the same protocols as required for Everstand's full time Treatment Foster Care parents ... without the full time commitment!

  • Single or married, and at least 25 years old.
  • Live in a home that passes health and fire safety inspections and has room available for at least one youth.
  • Clear state, federal, child protective services and driving record background checks.
  • Financially stable beyond a foster care stipend.
  • Provide proof of recent physical exam, including a TB test and drug screening.
  • Complete 27 hours of pre-service training, and 28 hours of annual in-service training thereafter.

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Everstand welcomes Treatment Foster Care parents to apply regardless of their personal religious preferences. Read more about Spiritual Life programing and Everstand's affiliation with the Untied Methodist Church.

Support for Respite Parents

Respite Parents receive:

  • A treatment foster care therapist will provide case management services that will assist with medical/educational needs of the TFC youth.
  • A TFC thereapist will provide weekly individual and family therapy in the TFC home.
  • TFC respite parents have access to 24-hour on-call support to answer questions, and provide crisis intervention.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is respite care?

A: Respite care can range from 1 - 3 days per month. Respite care is scheduled in advance, you'll know well in advance when you're needed and for how long.

Q: Can I be a Respite Parent if I rent?

A: Yes. There must be a separate bedroom dedicate to the respite youth.

Q: What training will I receive?

A: Extensive pre-service training (PRIDE), Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC), access to online resources through

Q: What if I have other children living in the home?

A: You will need to provide medical clearances (physical & TB). Yes. Everyone in your home over 18 years of age must pass the same background check.

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