Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Healing, safety, well-being and permanency for the youth entrusted to our care.

Spiritual life (SL) experiences contribute toward Everstand's goal to be a conduit of healing, safety, well-being and permanency for the youth entrusted to our care.

Our programs are open to any individual regardless of their religious beliefs and we honor wherever a youth is on his/her faith journey.

The affiliation between Everstand and the United Methodist Church is deeply rooted in our history (learn more about it here). With this in mind, the SL program seeks to provide worship, fellowship, outreach, and counseling experiences to meet the needs of our residents and staff.

While we provide various opportunities, Spiritual Life programming is always optional for the youth in our care.

To assist in addressing the diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and faith traditions of all those served at Everstand, we utilize both traditional Christian elements and other faith resources. This is accomplished through the opportunity for attendance at worship services on and off grounds, as well as bringing in guest clergy from mosques, synagogues, and guest preachers (when appropriate) to speak at chapel services. All new residents are asked if they would like a bible or other religious support material for self-study.

Current spiritual life program elements vary from Everstand location to location.  They can include things like:

  • Small group meetings
  • Bible study and education
  • Community service projects
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Off grounds Sunday worship
  • Special events such as retreats, camps, and holiday programs
  • Speakers/ exploring other faiths

Our goal is to provide residents and staff the chance to learn and grow within a supportive community.  Our SL team are selected because of their ability to provide interactions that express kindness, patience, reassurance, calm, acceptance, and listening.

The SL curriculum is just one component of Everstand’s residential and group home program.  Across the organization, we interweave the five core values of Trauma-Informed Care in all that we do.  The core values are safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment.

The Baltimore and West Virginia campus locations have chapels on grounds, while the remainder of Everstand’s residential, group home, and treatment foster care homes utilize local congregations for worship as desired by their residents.

Programming is designed to address spirituality in a fashion that is compatible with the age, development, and other considerations of the resident.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Group activities to illustrate spiritual concepts
  • Tactile, creative, and/or visually oriented sessions
  • Spiritual Diversity Curriculum
  • Prayer Requests

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