We stand for migrant youth in search of stability and hope.

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Everstand’s Caminos® program provides compassion and support to youth who have recently migrated to the United States.

They have made the journey here for many reasons, such as escaping violent communities or abusive relationships in their home country, seeking opportunities for reunification with family, or gaining access to education. Youth receive services directly from Everstand, or via its national network of care providers comprised of other children and family-focused non-profits.

How we support recently migrated youth.

Resource Families

Thousands of families across the U.S. are meeting the needs of vulnerable, migrant youth by welcoming them into their homes. Learn how you can become a certified resource family.

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Home Study & Post-Release Services Program

Recently migrated youth are often referred for home study and post-release services to help ensure that foundational needs are being met in a way that addresses the lingering effects of past traumatic experiences and promotes healing and recovery.

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Foster Care

Through our Caminos program, we are able to provide short-term shelter to recently migrated youth under 18 years of age whose lives are in jeopardy after fleeing alone from all over the world.

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Caminos Nacional

Through Caminos Nacional, Everstand provides guidance, consultation, and grant management to accredited partner organizations so that they may also offer the Caminos service to at-risk migrant children.

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Ruben’s Story

Hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing sports – markers of typical teenage life – were things Ruben could only dream of in Honduras.

“It’s hard to make people understand what it’s like in Honduras, but I’m OK with telling it,” Ruben says. “I want to help people understand why I left.”

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How you can support recently migrated youth.