Back-to-School 2018 – Teaching Life Skills

“Those skills include not only how to handle your condition, he says, but “life skills”  teach you how to how to cook, how to budget money, how to shop, and how to keep your room clean,” – Michael says.

At an early age, Michael battled depression and anxiety. He needed help in school and was falling behind when his parents first sought help from their son.

Today, Michael lives with his family in Maryland. He has full time employment and continues to work on life skills such as showing up to work on time or early, saving some of his paycheck, and continue to work on a healthy relationship with my family.

The real superstars – you! 

Michael says school would not have been possible without the community that helps and supports BCC.

He recognized that everyone wants the best for him and the only way he can succeed is to finish his education. Michael ended with stating, “School helped me become employable by breaking down the confusing material into ways in which I could understand.”

“The real superstars are the strong supportive community we have here at BCC, thank you for helping me to grow up!”





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Power House Alumni Conference

At the Board of Child Care, we support our alumni and are always looking opportunities to connect with foster care alumni.

Earlier this month, a couple of our the youth were able to attend an annual foster care alumni conference. The conference included an opportunity to meet the foster care ombudsman, a successful entrepreneur alumni, and provided an opportunity for youth to share their stories. There were also various breakout information sessions on topics such as financial stability, public speaking, and defining your personal creative process. Phillip “Nick” described the end of the conference as bittersweet because “it gave me encouragement and let me know that there are people out there just like me. I really enjoyed this event, and would like to attend more events like this one”.


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Behind The Tassel-CJ

A New Path Chosen

Diagnosed with ADD at an early age, C.J. struggled throughout his childhood and was headed down a path of self-destruction. He found himself in jail and was admitted to BCC’s Falling Waters Campus. While he was there, C.J. discovered a sense of community that did wonders for his self esteem and communication skills. C.J. became very active in the local high school while BCC staff kept him on track with his academics. When offered the chance to graduate on stage with his senior class, C.J. chose instead to graduate at Falling Waters. It was one of his proudest moments. After leaving the BCC, C.J. wanted to join the armed forces yet he was unable to score high enough for enlistment. Using the skills learned at the BCC, C.J. studied until he was able to earn the rank of a U.S. Marine.

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Behind the Tassel-Yeremiyah

“The opportunity changed my Life.” -Yeremiyah

Yeremiyah feels that when he came to the Board of Child Care with three of his siblings, he was ” fortunate to have been granted an opportunity to  change my life forever and hopefully change the lives of those around me.”  Thanks to BCC’s assistance, Yeremiyah realized his dreams and achieved the goals that he would not have considered.  Playing sports, graduating from high school and being accepted into college are only a fraction of the things he has been able to accomplish with BCC’s help.  Yeremiyah made the Dean’s List attending  North Carolina State University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in chemical engineering. He says, ” The BCC is a support system that I consider to be part of my family.

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You Changed Ricky’s Life

December 2016



Dear Friends,

I am writing to share the story of young boy named Ricky that lived at the Board of Child Care (BCC).

I am delighted to share that today, Ricky is off of all social welfare programs, graduated from high school, and is successfully living with his family.

Because of your previous support, you changed Ricky’s life.

Ricky is just one example of our mission in action: enriching communities, one family at a time.

 Ricky learned skills for living through a therapeutic environment. He attended group and individual therapy, met with a psychiatrist routinely, worked with his social worker, and grew up at BCC to become a smart and confident young man. Ricky is just one of the many reunification stories we have to share with you. 

Will you please consider making a year-end gift so that we can continue to share more of these stories with you? A gift of $250, $100, $50, or $25 will help our current program participants continue treatment.

Wishing you and your loved ones have a very happy and healthy New Year!



Laurie Anne Spagnola
President & CEO

PS. If you are inspired by our story please feel free to share on your social media site.


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If you wish to make a credit card gift by year-end, please visit our website: before 11:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on 12/31. Please do not leave any credit card information in a voice message or in an email. The last day to make a gift of over the phone, a gift of stock or an IRA transfer is December 30th. For assistance with any of these please call our Development Office 410-922-2100 x 5430. Bequests can be done during normal business hours via phone any time of the year. Our offices will be closed on December 31st, so please make your gift online

A copy of our current financial statement is available upon written request to Board of Child Care 3300 Gaither Rd., Baltimore, MD 21244 or by phone at 410-922-2100. The documents are also available online at

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OMHC Families Benefit From Donated Supplies

This year’s donated school supplies were set aside for families using BCC’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) in Pasadena, MD. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Brooklyn Community UMC and Oakland UMC (Sykesville, MD), families selected what they needed for their children’s upcoming school year.

All told, 65 families (including 79 OMHC clients as well as many of their siblings) benefited from the supplies.

Andrea Carroll, Director of the clinic, was on hand while the families were ‘shopping.’ “One mother was so overwhelmed with joy, praises, and thanks, that she gave me a hug and cried on my shoulder,” said Carroll. “Here are a few of the other reactions and notes of thanks we received.”omhc-school-supplies-2016

“Oh, Lord Jesus, thank you!” from a grandmother raising four school-aged children who has been down on her luck this past year and has a disabled child of her own.

“We are so glad that BCC was able to help us with our supplies. It is so expensive with two children and one income.”

“Thank you all for all that you have done with the supplies. This means more to me and my family than you would even imagine.”

“Wow!!! There are so many supplies to choose from. We love that BCC lends a helping hand.”

“The Board of Child Care is so thoughtful year round with the donations that they receive. We are so happy that you are able to help our family.”

“I am so thankful for all of the companies and people that make it possible for Board of Child Care to help families that need help. Thank you BCC for sharing and making everything easier for our family.”

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The thrill of a lifetime, for the athlete and staff

BCC participant swims his way to gold at Maryland Special Olympics

SwimmingPoolThe athlete’s pledge for the Special Olympics is: “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Ryan Russell, a BCC childcare worker on the Denton, MD campus, learned the famous pledge while chaperoning Eli B. to this year’s games held at Maryland’s Towson University.

What he did not know was how profound an effect of witnessing the swimming competition would have on him as Eli brought home three medals.

“I have never met a group of people more willing to be themselves,” Russell said. “Underneath the high fives and the awards, there was a feeling that you were unequivocally and unapologetically proud to be your true self. The beautiful thing was this phenomenon was totally unspoken.”

During the swimming competition, the last place swimmer was cheered as if he or she were leading the pack. Sometimes a swimmer dove at the wrong time, into the wrong lane, or forget the last lap of the race. But instead of tears and jeers for mistakes athletes were encouraged, high-fived and praised. Bravery was all that was required.

“This just speaks to the true connections that both Eli and the BCC staff make through experiences like this,” said Karen McGee, Program Director for the Denton campus.

Russell formed strong bonds with his teammates and the families after he began taking Eli to the Easton YMCA in 2015.

“I can’t even fathom the kind of courage it takes to wake up every day with a disability, but these kids do it with grace, kindness and no fear,” said Russell, who just passed his first year anniversary with BCC. “I wish I had half the bravery these athletes have.”

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Tim H.: A 2016 graduation success story

How ‘Haystacks’ has overcome loss to achieve his goals

Tim pic with borderIn the giving mood? Great, because while summer school is open, the traditional school year is just weeks away.

This past June, Tim H., a Strawbridge graduate, authored and delivered an amazing graduation speech. You can read about that here and check out the Back to School Appeal at!  To our donors and volunteers, thanks for everything you do!

It is our honor to share with you an abbreviated version of his speech.   His transformation into adulthood includes overcoming a significant loss in his life.

“On April 9, 2014, I got off the school bus on the Baltimore campus, and it was just like any other day.  As I walked in and approached my cottage, there was staff everywhere.  One of the staff members took me aside and she said, “Tim, I am so sorry…your mother is at the Penn State Hospital. She’s suffering liver failure.” 

A few hours after we arrived at the hospital the nurse let everyone know: my Mom was going off life support.   

When I returned to the Baltimore campus, I felt a sense of comfort from not only the staff members, but the residents as well, which made this event easier to bear.

A few months later I moved to BCC’s semi-independent living program in Hagerstown, MD.  Throughout my time at BCC, I have grown to know the staff like they are family, and have felt a great deal of support and love. 

I have also accomplished many feats, including gaining vital work experience, life skills, financial literacy, social skills, and am now a high school graduate!  The truth is that if you stick with the program, and put faith in staff, nothing but success is in your future.”

Your support of the Back to School campaign helps students graduate and set them up for future success.

Tim was awarded several scholarships to continue his education at Hagerstown Community College.  He hopes to work as a team member in the National Parks Service.

We hope Tim’s story inspires you the way your kindness and generosity has touched so many of our youth.

P.S.  Our class of 2017 seniors are ready to put in the work this year.  Will you help us get them across the stage in June?  Donate easily and securely online at

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TFC preps for respite care on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Year-long effort to offer service closer to reality with $25,000 grant

FCPKC logo PNGIt took a year of vision and the stress of writing a winning proposal, but the good news is here!

The Board of Child Care has received word the grant to expand its Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program to include respite care on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has been approved. The award comes from the Family and Community Partnership of Kent County Grant (FCPKC).

Board of Child Care’s TFC license with the state of Maryland includes a respite care license, making BCC eligible to apply for the grant. BCC’s response to the request for a proposal highlighted BCC’s assets already in place on the Eastern Shore, giving it the edge needed to win the grant.

Respite care affords a current TFC parent a break from the children they are stewarding. As any parent knows, getting a break from your kids, even for a few hours, can be a lifesaver. When it comes to TFC children who often have medical or behavioral issues, a break from the caregiving routine can mean the difference between a successful, stable foster home and foster parent burnout and placement disruption.

BCC will now provide respite care on the Eastern Shore without requiring kids to travel across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to afford such a break. Allowing a foster care child to remain on the eastern shore even during this short break from their regular foster parents means they can stay connected with their school, friends, local family members, and normal activities.

“This partnership is about showing the Eastern Shore that the Board of Child Care is a high quality provider that will be an asset to the communities we serve,” said Karen McGee, Director of Eastern Shore Operations. “There’s a common culture of treating the Western Shore and Eastern Shore of Maryland as almost two different states. This expansion is an opportunity to break down that barrier and keep families together.”

TFC hosted a luncheon May 29 on BCC’s Eastern Shore campus (Denton, MD) to both celebrate the collaboration and convene a work group to discuss how recruited families would provide respite care within targeted counties on the Eastern Shore.

“We have an urgency to start recruiting families and individuals from Eastern Shore communities who desire to serve the children and families who need them most,” said Pat Wilson, BCC’s Director of Treatment Foster Care. “We know this all seems like short notice, but our urgency comes from our mission to prevent out-of-home placements and the breakup of families.”

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The 2015 Annual Report is Here!

Three heartfelt profiles, a financial snapshot and breakout spread highlight publication

2015 Annual Report Cover
Click the image to download the full report

It took months of planning and effort, but the Annual Report is finished!

Even though the report will soon be available in all of our campuses, an electronic PDF is available on our website. The first copies of the report mail out next week. There’s a remittance envelope stitched in every mailed copy, which can easily be torn out and returned with your donation.

At 20 pages cover to cover, the report highlights BCC’s accomplishments in the 2014-15 fiscal year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015).

We are incredibly proud of our outcomes this past year! Did you know we served 836 youth in total last year and our employees engaged in almost 16,000 hours of continuing education or training?

The statistics are brought to life by three program participant profiles: two active and one alum.

Our first profile, Ruben H., details his incredible strides towards independence after his breathtaking journey to Baltimore from Honduras. You’ll meet Ricky F., who remembers the not-so-sweet start he had at BCC but now looks in the mirror and says he’s a better person because of the team he’s worked with here. And finally, there’s Maria H., who graduated from our residential program years ago but recently received a continuing education grant from BCC to further her career and support her family.

These are stories worth reading – and if they move you like they moved us – we hope you’ll consider donating. BCC’s high level of professionalism and care, as well as our ability to do more each year comes from the support of donors like you.

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