Belief Beyond Yourself: Spirituality at BCC

The BCC Compass – February 2023


What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you going through daunting, difficult times? From where do you draw your inspiration in life? 

As people, we often compartmentalize our needs. We have physical needs, emotional needs, mental health needs — and, regardless of your beliefs, every person also has a spiritual need. That spiritual need isn’t necessarily religious; it’s your sense of purpose in life, your belief beyond yourself.

What colors your outlook on life and gives you a sense of purpose? 

People often feel uncomfortable with the word “spiritual.” It’s been removed from today’s vernacular and shied away from in everyday conversations. But I believe that being in touch with your spirituality is absolutely necessary to live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. 

As an organization, the Board of Child Care is rooted in Methodist traditions. One tradition is seeing that everyone is made in the “imago dei,” or the image of God, and in them lives the Holy Spirit. Methodists believe that every person is deserving of the grace God has given. At BCC, this includes the children we care for and the staff that makes up this incredible organization. 

BCC was founded almost 150 years ago when this spirit led a group of Methodist leaders to care for children. Today, we’re working to revive that spirituality in the organization, and I am proud to be serving as Director of Spiritual Life for our staff. I’ve served with BCC for many years as a bishop’s representative to the Board of Directors. It’s through this experience that I’ve seen first-hand how special BCC is; how truly impactful this organization is in the lives and communities it supports. If any organization is living the Gospel message, BCC is it. 

So how are we bringing this sense of spirituality back to life at BCC? 

  • Communication & Education – Every Monday, I send an internal “Monday Minutes” message to employees. Inside will be a daily devotional, as well as educational pieces to help you grow in your faith and grow who you are.
  • Spiritual Fitness Events – Let’s come together to have moments of spiritual well-being. In addition to monthly prayer groups, we will have designated chapel times. Look for these events starting up in 2023.
  • Pastoral Counseling – In my role as Director of Spiritual Life, you can trust that I am your confidant, your outlet to discuss whatever might be on your heart. Though I am a United Methodist pastor and come from a Christian tradition, my arms are open for people of all backgrounds — a reflection of the strong Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion values at BCC. I am here to provide for your needs. My time serving as an Army chaplain has made me more aware of many other faith and cultural traditions and how I can be a part of providing spiritual support for all.

Not to oversimplify it, but in my mind, spirituality is your connection with your creator and your community. I am lucky enough to be living out my calling in my role at BCC. I want to work with everyone at BCC to ensure they’ve found that connection, too — the calling that brings them ease and a sense of purpose.