Core Value Winner Relationships May 2021

Foster Relationships within our Community

Openness and honesty with all stakeholders make for both the best program outcomes and team culture. Inclusive practices are the building blocks for trust. We create space for conversations that grow transparency about our decisions, promises, and understanding of one another. 

WINNER: Whitney McDowell 

During COVID, Whitney Mc Dowell, case manager in Denton, has risen above the daily stressors, taken on a multitude of additional tasks with no complaints.  Whitney has fostered relationships with DSS and our local schoolteachers, guidance counselors and school psychologist as well as many community partners.  Her cheerful demeanor puts everyone at ease and her confident approach and solution focused decision making contributes to everyone’s team.  Board of Child Care is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated employee and the Denton campus team is appreciative beyond words for her every day.

Congratulations Whitney and Thank You!