BCC Condemns the Atlanta Murders and Racism in all of its forms


To the communities BCC serves, our staff, and stakeholders,

I am disgusted and appalled at the murders that took place in Atlanta, Georgia recently.  The news of what appears to be targeted killings of Asian women and reports of increased violence against elderly Asians prompts me to reiterate condemnation of racism in all of its forms.


  • We will condemn racism, inequality and oppression in all of its forms
  • We will work to fundamentally change systems that perpetuate racism, inequality and oppression
  • We will continue to encourage and promote dialogue about racism, inequality and oppression with all of our stakeholders utilizing our core values of empathy and relationships creating a culture where we can engage with joy and purpose
  • We will use the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion to guide and structure our special work of enriching communities one family at a time.

As CEO, I continue to actively participate as a member of our equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.  I will continue to update the wider BCC community and public via the BCC Compass blog and other channels of our work pursuing an environment that we all – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religious beliefs, disability or age – can engage fully with joy and purpose in our special work.

My heartfelt prayers are with all those impacted by the recent events.


Laurie Anne “LA” Spagnola
President & CEO