In Memory of Bob Kimmons


A letter from BCC’s CEO:

Talented mentors walk a fine line.  They must carefully balance constructive feedback and ask objective questions, while allowing those to whom they are providing counsel to decide what path to choose.

On December 14, 2020, Board of Child Care (BCC) lost a longtime board member, fierce advocate, and loyal friend.  Bob Kimmons was a man who inspired every single member of BCC’s leadership team to be our best selves.  In the days since his passing, each of us has reflected on what Bob has meant in our lives. Unilaterally, we all said “mentor” without hesitation.

I became CEO of BCC in July of 2014, and through existing Board members met Bob shortly thereafter.  Having been fortunate throughout my career to have worked with some incredible leaders, I knew right away Bob’s counsel and advice would be important to have as I navigated BCC in those early days. I had no way of knowing then just how much I would lean on Bob in the years ahead.

Bob’s legacy as a Board Member at BCC is truly unique. He is one of only a few that have served not only two full terms of service on the Board of Directors, but under two different CEO’s and through a merger no less. Bob was elected onto the Board for the first time in 1996, serving until 2010. During that time, he was Vice Chair (2006-2009) and later Chair (2009-2010).  His second term of service on the Board began in 2014 and was just about to conclude in June of 2021.  During his second term he served as chair of our Marketing and Development Committee, which he (affectionally I think) called the MAD committee.

Bob was an avid golfer and was a fixture at our annual fundraiser year after year.  Tenacious is a word that comes to mind as I reflect on Bob’s efforts to obtain sponsors for the event – your level of golf skill (or absence thereof) was no excuse in his mind!  He knew the outing meant more funding for the kids and families behind the scenes, and I am so incredibly grateful for his passion in making the event a success year after year.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bob’s family, who I know he loved with his entire heart.  He will be missed by everyone at BCC who was so fortunate to have had him in their lives.

Thank you Bob.  For everything.

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In fond memory,

Laurie Anne Spagnola
President & CEO