Sprint Tech Day dials up career opportunities

Simple idea turns into helping BCC youth experiencing path towards a corporate career

Logo_of_SprintIt started as a passing idea to help underserved teenagers and young adults in Baltimore. As a store manager for the wireless provider Sprint, Richard Barlione had the desire to offer knowledge and training to repair broken phones, as a skill to market for future job opportunities.

On July 21, 10 youth from BCC’s Baltimore campus earned certificates for participating in Sprint’s Tech Boot Camp at the company’s downtown Baltimore store in the city’s Inner Harbor.

Barlione was inspired to start this program through Ricky Ventures Enterprise, a local nonprofit serving Baltimore’s youth.

Joined by a similar number of Morgan State University students, BCC participants paired in teams of three and four, tasked with putting a business model together quickly and then prepare to present to their peers. During another session, kids had was to learn some of the functionality of the phone by taking pictures and creating hashtags.

Catonsville Store Manager Devon Brown spoke to the kids regarding the technical aspect of the business, including the costs associated with repairing and swapping devices. Kareem Garrison, Sprint’s Business Solutions Account executive, explained how he began his career as a sales representative before a promotion to a store manager, and now runs his own division for Sprint selling Business Accounts.

BCC resident Michael C. won an iPad mini for his contribution to Sprint Tech Day, and then announced he would give the gift to his younger sister because, “she needs it for school.” Brian Hedlun, president of the Washington, D.C, Baltimore and Virginia region, gave out brand new Bluetooth headphone sets to three other BCC participants.

“It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done in a long time,” Barlione said. “We’re thrilled about the turnout and excited to see the potential in so many of these young adults.”

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