Treatment Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care


Everstand is looking for heroes who can join us in giving children hope!  Heroes make the decision to serve and care for a young person who is referred to Everstand’s treatment foster care program and in need of a safe, stable, and supportive foster home.

We invite you to learn more about our treatment foster care program and how your home could make a meaningful difference in a young person’s life.  To learn more about our treatment foster care program, please complete our Hero Quiz so a member of our TFC team can get in touch with you!

What is Treatment Foster Care?

Treatment Foster Care, also known as “Therapeutic Foster Care” is provided by specially trained Resource Families who are prepared to support the healing of youth ages 0 to 21 impacted by trauma. TFC resource families provide a safe, stable and supportive home where youth can heal, thrive and reach their potential until being reunited with their natural family or a permanent placement can be arranged.

What Training will I receive?

Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE)

PRIDE pre-service training will assist potential foster/adoptive families in developing an understanding of all aspects of what they may encounter in serving a youth in treatment foster care, especially the trauma and its impact on childhood development.  The goals of PRIDE are:

  • To give parents the information needed to handle routine matters such as medical and psychological care, clothing needs, education, and visitation with the birth family.
  • To provide the skills needed to solve problems with creativity and patience.
  • To go over the required ethical and legal standards that keep your home and Everstand in compliance with Maryland state regulations.
  • To coach and talk through the strategies needed during the adjustment period when the child first enters your home.
  • To identify behaviors likely learned by the child as a result from being in the foster care system or from past trauma they experienced prior to being placed into care.
  • To hear directly from current TFC Families who will share their experience and be mentors for you throughout the PRIDE training process (and beyond).

Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC)

TFTC is an evidence-based program providing parents with strategies for youth who display challenging behaviors while encouraging parental growth and confidence along the TFC journey.

TFC homes are located throughout Maryland, and we are always looking for new adults and couples seeking to enrich a child's life with unconditional love.

TFC Program Location:
Everstand’s TFC program takes referrals from state child welfare agencies (e.g. DSS, DJS) across Maryland and places children in foster homes throughout the state.

Heroes Give Children Hope

Interested in changing a child’s life? Take the five-question quiz to see if you can be a hero!


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Make an Admissions Referral

Our residential programs require a referral from a state or federal entity to begin the admissions process.  The referring party varies slightly depending on which state Everstand operates within. 

If you are a state or federal employee and wish to make a referral, please click here to access our referral directory. 

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Everstand programs are open to any individual or family regardless of their religious beliefs.