Post-Adoption Search and Reunion Services

If you are a birth parent who placed your child for adoption through Everstand, or if you are an adopted person over age 21 whose adoption was arranged by Everstand, then we can serve you with one or both of the following services:

Retrieving non-identifying background information

Everstand maintains informational summaries of past adoptions. This information does not include identifying information such as names or dates of birth.

For interested adopted adults, the information includes background on the birth family, any medical information about the birth family on file, and the circumstances of the adoption.

For interested birth parents, the information includes a profile of the adoptive family, notes from the post-placement supervision, and any updates from the adoptive family.

In almost all cases, birth and adoptive families did not keep in touch with the agency, so the information we have to share is what was gathered when the adoption plan was made.

Facilitating a search for a birth parent or adopted person over the age of 21

The search process operates under the principle of mutual consent. This means the birth parent or adopted person being searched for can choose if he/she wants contact with the person searching for him/her. Most do, but a few do not. Sometimes it just takes some time and support for a person to become comfortable with the idea and receptive to the contact.

If desired, our staff can act as an intermediary for contact, so that the individuals involved do not have to release their identities. Or, if both parties agree, their contact information can be shared so that they can have direct contact with one another. Our staff can, and often does, remain involved in a supportive role, even after the individuals have communicated directly with one another.

Regulatory Guidelines

Everstand’s Search, Contact and Reunion Program operates under the guidelines and mandates of Maryland and District of Columbia law.  For more information on Maryland regulations, visit the Maryland Department of Human Services – Adoption Information Website.

If the District of Columbia legally finalized your adoption, then the search process falls under DC regulations. The District of Columbia does not have a website with centralized information about obtaining adoption records.  However, the first important thing to know is that adoption records in DC are sealed. You will need to petition the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to break the seal on your records by filling out this form (source:


Get Started With Your Search

If you would like to discuss our Search and Reunion Program, or any of your questions about the search process, contact us at Our licensed Confidential Intermediary has experience in the complex issues involved in these types of post-adoption reunions and searches.