St. Nick Scholarship Fund

The St. Nick Scholarship Fund was established by Reverend Stacey Nickerson in memory of members of the Nickerson Family who were lifelong educators and passionate about the pursuit of knowledge.

Thelma Nickerson O’Grady, Dorothy Nickerson, and Fred Nickerson all supported Everstand (formerly Board of Child Care) in their lifetimes and promoted and inspired support from others in service of our mission to enrich communities, one family at a time.

Reverend Stacey Nickerson followed in her family’s footsteps in supporting the organization as a young child, filling red stockings to support youth and families around the holidays. In the summer of 1984, Stacey interned as a child care worker assigned to Nicodemus, which — at the time — was a temporary shelter for young women. As a pastor, Stacey was involved in promoting our special mission work in the congregations she served as well as through her participation in the Volunteer Auxiliary.

Stacey was invited to serve on the Board of Directors in 1996, resigning her post in 2013 to join as a member of our staff. Stacey served as the Director of Church and Community Engagement from April of 2013 to July of 2019, when she left to begin a local church appointment at Salem United Methodist Church. During her staff tenure, Stacey was endorsed as a Chaplain in the United Methodist Church and diligently served as a vital bridge between our organization and its many church and community partners.

Stacey remains deeply committed to our work, and the “St. Nick Scholarship Fund” honors the life’s work and commitment of her loved ones to young people, especially through education.



Thelma Nickerson O’Grady
February 5, 1928 – December 29, 2020

“Miss Nick” as she was known by her students taught math and physical education for forty-three years in Galena (Kent County, MD), first at Galena High School and then at Galena Middle School. She loved working with children and youth, and even in retirement she tutored and helped students. She was also a Girl Scout leader for over sixty years. She was a true nature lover and strived to instill the appreciation of nature and outdoors in her scouts. She was a member of Kennedyville United Methodist Church.




Dorothy F. Nickerson
June 24, 1929 – October 30, 1989

Employed by Baltimore County Public Schools, she spent most of her career at her alma mater, Kenwood Senior High School, in the guidance department. She was dedicated to young people as a teacher, guidance counselor, Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, and mother. She was a member of Providence United Methodist Church (Towson, MD) at the time of her death.





Fred W. Nickerson
July 13, 1930 – January 26, 2021

“Uncle Nick” as he was known by his students was a teacher, guidance counselor, and assistant principal. He started in Howard County, MD but spent nearly all of his career with Baltimore County Public Schools. He came to Milford Mill High School in 1960 and attended the dedication of the Gaither Road campus of the newly created Methodist Board Of Child Care in October of that year. He began working with students who lived on campus and especially helped them with achieving their educational goals, including assistance with higher education. He maintained a  commitment to our mission and work through the rest of his life. He was a member of Salem United Methodist Church (Hampstead, MD) at the time of his death.

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