Core Value Award Winner October 2021: Safety Anthony Velez

BCC Recognizes October 2021 Core Value Award winner Anthony "Tony" Velez

The Board of Child Care would like to recognize Anthony "Tony" Velez as the October 2021 Core Value Award winner for Safety!

Mr. Tony's nomination reads:

"After being in BCC's custodial department for two years, Mr. Tony recently joined the Caminos West team as direct care staff. During Mr. Tony's first week, the Caminos West program faced a challenging time when a youth in Cottage 4 was experiencing psychosis and severe anxiety. Mr.  Tony was able to keep that Youth engaged and safe by consistently providing the Youth with things to do and learning how to communicate with him better when the Youth was struggling to do so."

Congratulations, Tony, and thank you!


Safety as A Mindset

We value life, spirit, and health above all else and take action to maintain the safety of our workplaces, programs, and services through a trauma responsive lens. We are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for the mental, emotional, and physical safety of our community.