Thank You From Our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic!

I wanted to send out an update on how the Christmas Store drive went here at OMHC. Because of generous donations of our community, BCC was able to impact 80 clients (66 families) from our OMHC this holiday season with our Christmas Store. Every year our youth and families look forward to picking out gifts for their loved ones and for themselves. This year the night lights, fidget spinners, jewelry and board games were a big hit.

This was the first year that I was involved in shopping for our youth and it was an amazing experience. All of the time and energy the volunteers put into the Christmas Store is really amazing and warmed my heart.

Below are some of the responses we heard from our families and youth after they selected their gifts:

  • We are so thankful for your agency allowing us to pick out a few items to put under our Christmas tree.
  • Thank you all for your generosity and may you all have a great holiday season.
  • I just love the fact that this agency really cares about their families.  Merry Christmas.
  • We could not be more grateful for the cheer that you all spread to the families here.
  • Thank you , thank you, thank you.  This is a really big help to my family and myself.
  • Wow!!! I am truly amazed at the setup and selections in the gift room.  Thank you!!!
  • I just love socks and there are so many to choose from.  Thank you.
  • Oh my gosh!!!! Dolls….thank you so much.  I love her.
  • My brother and I picked out a gift for Mom and Mom picked out a gift for us.  This is so nice.  My brother and I were so excited to open our gifts last year that we forgot about Mom’s gift being hidden in my bedroom closet.  She received her gift a few days after Christmas, once we remembered it.  Thank you for allowing us to pick out gifts again.
  • I love hats, gloves, and scarfs.  They keep me warm when I am waiting on my bus and want to play in the snow.
  • We are truly lucky that your agency helps us with our gift exchanges every year.  Thanks.
  • This has been a really unfortunate year for my family.  I don’t know what I would do without the extra help that you guys offer us.  I am thankful.
  • Can I have a hug?  This means more than these tears of joy that you see streaming down my face.  My daughter and I have been homeless and we need all of the assistance that we can get. I am so grateful that I can have a few gifts to give to her Christmas morning.  Thank you so much.
  • Wow!!! When I opened the door to the Christmas Room, I didn’t know what to say.  It was displayed very nicely and had an abundance of gifts for everyone.  Thank you for sharing again this year.
  • There are not enough words to express the gratitude that I am feeling right now.  My next pay isn’t until after Christmas and all I needed was a doll for my daughter.  Out of everything that was in the room, a doll was looking right at me.  Thank you for making me happy enough to have this to present to her on Christmas morning and most of all, for helping her to have what she really wanted the most.

Thanks again to everyone who helped support this effort it was AMAZING!