Family Fun Day – May 2017

The second ever Board of Child Care (BCC) Family Fun Day was held Sunday, April 23rd at the Baltimore campus. Family Fun Day aligns with BBC’s mission to enrich communities, one family at a time. The organization is focusing resources on bringing together children and families.

The idea for the family fun day was created by BCC’s Case Managers who are in charge of connecting youth to community and state resources as well as interfacing with the families. Case Managers have been a true asset to the organization, assisting with making sure that our youth have the appropriate resources to fit their needs.

Eboni Barksdale, Senior Case Manager, stated, “a family day is an event designed to engage families of our youth in an engaging and interactive setting that helps strengthen bonds.”

We do this by bringing families together and providing a chance for them bond through art, crafts, and discussion in a caring and supportive environment.

Easter Egg Hunt with Brothers and Sisters

We focus on uniting families within all of our programs. It is especially important for residential to expand on family engagement and involvement. This focus on family engagement is a core part of our purpose statement, “Enriching communities, one family at a time.”

Family Day was a big success in not only unifying children and families but also as a wonderful opportunity for siblings to enjoy crafts, an Easter egg hunt, and quality time with loved ones. For more information on BCC’s programs click here

The article was written and published by Owings Mills Junior and Development Intern, Nick.